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Avengers Sermon Series

May 23, 2018

James and Helen Parks, the pastors at Christ Church in Davenport, developed a sermon series this spring, using this year’s popular Avengers sequel as inspiration. They have been featuring one superhero each week and relating the character to one in the Bible.


James presented a sermon based on Esther 4:10-17 recently, entitled “Right Where You Are,” featuring the Black Widow character from the movie. Esther has an opportunity to save her people. Mordecai says to Esther in verse 14, “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” She puts her life on the line with the courage of a superhero.

Likewise, the sermon message for the day was similar. “God has you in place on purpose,” James told the people of his congregation. “Find someone to love” and be a sign of God’s grace for them.

Each week the Avengers character for the next week was announced as people left worship. They were invited to consider which character from the Bible might be compared to the featured superhero. This teaser added mystery and anticipation for the next sermon—something you might want to invite a friend or neighbor to hear with you.



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