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Tattoos Put Churches in the Spotlight

September 27, 2017

The Hawk Eye, a newspaper in Burlington, recently published a news article about a new pastor in town who sports tattoos. Elizabeth Bell, our pastor serving the Asbury and West Burlington United Methodist Churches, received her appointment to the area three months ago.


Her forearms bear witness to her Christian faith. Her right arm reads, ”Χαíρω,” which is New Testament Greek for “rejoice.” Her left arm shows a brightly colored communion cup.

Asbury United Methodist Church is located on the bluffs above the Mississippi River on South Main Street in Burlington. They have an active Facebook presence that offers a snapshot of the ways their ministry connects with the people of their neighborhood and their community. Among other things, September featured notices about the 9/11 service of remembrance at the local fire station and their bake sale and rummage sale.

The West Burlington United Methodist Church, which was established 125 years ago, also has a Facebook page as well as its own website. The homepage welcomes people, saying they are a community “where fellowship, family, and faith meet.” Their vision is to be “a church that has the ability to serve the community’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs through volunteers, charity, and community resourcing.”

Together, these two churches, working with their pastor, hope to be sharing the love of God with their communities for years to come.

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