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Disciple-Making in the Gospels

August 30, 2017

The Sigourney United Methodist Church hosted a training event on August 19th for church leaders exploring the development of a discipleship pathway for their members.

wigThe Iowa Conference has embraced a Wildly Important Goal (WIG) to see that “All United Methodist churches in Iowa will have a process of intentionally forming disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by the year 2020.”

Lilian Gallo Seagren, the conference superintendent for the Southeast District, first introduced a new study that she and her brother Gideon Gallo, our United Methodist pastor in Missouri Valley, are developing during our District Conference last April 29th. They presented their study of the four Gospels and the disciple-making practices espoused in each.

A disciple, she offered, is a learner who has a confession and conviction about who Jesus Christ is and a commitment to the mission of the church in a community of faith shaped by the example of Jesus.

The Sigourney church is one of the first churches in the district to request the event for their leaders. Participants learned about disciple-making practices in the morning, and in the afternoon they spent time beginning to develop ministry action plans for their church to implement their own.

We anticipate replicating this event in other parts of the Southeast District in the coming year. Be watching for more information and announcements.

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