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Blessing Box in Muscatine

August 16, 2017

Lisa Nichols is a Difference Maker. She has enlisted the support of the people of the Musserville United Methodist Church to erect a Blessing Box to benefit the church’s neighbors on the south side of Muscatine. The new ministry provides food and toiletries for people in need.

BlessingBoxThe Blessing Box itself is just a few steps from the Little Library that the church put in their yard several months earlier. The Little Library holds books that are available for passersby to pick up and read. There’s even a bench beside it for readers to use while they are visiting. Some people bring their own books to share with others in exchange for the ones they take home the Little Library.

The Blessing Box idea is similar to the Little Library movement. It has caught on throughout the United States. Like the Little Library, people are encouraged to drop off what they can share and take what they need.

Lisa first heard about the idea on a Today Show broadcast last year. Now she checks the Blessing Box each day to be sure it remains clean and tidy. Her efforts were acknowledged in a recent story published in the Muscatine Journal.


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