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What Is Pentecost?

July 19, 2017

The Fort Madison United Methodist Church wanted to help their community know more about a very important day in the life of the church. Pentecost, sometimes called the birthday of the church, is explained in an amusing Chuck Knows Church video, which they linked to their Facebook page from YouTube.

The video explores some of the basic symbols of this holy day, particularly light, fire and the Holy Spirit. Church leaders in Fort Madison simply posted the video link on June 1, just a few days before Pentecost Sunday, as teaser for morning worship and to give anyone who was interested some background about the festive occasion.

Chuck Knows Church videos are provided by Discipleship Ministries, an international agency of The United Methodist Church. The apportionment gifts of United Methodist churches around the world to The World Service Fund helps support Chuck Knows Church. The videos are offered on several different websites, including Chuck Knows Church, as well as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

All Chuck Knows Church videos may be viewed anywhere, posted anywhere, duplicated and given away as a part of our outreach in our communities. Changing the length, or in any way altering the content is strictly prohibited, and Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church holds all copyrights to all Chuck Knows Church videos.

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