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Shared Mission Trip

June 14, 2017

Five United Methodist churches in Henry County sent a joint mission team to St. Louis earlier this month. Jim Stiles, the pastor at Finley Chapel, worked with his colleagues Luann Benge at First UMC in Mount Pleasant and Randy Moser at Winfield and Mount Union, to set up a shared mission trip to Isaiah 58 Ministries in St. Louis, Missouri.isaiah58ministries

Isaiah 58 Ministries, a cooperative ministry on the near south side of St. Louis, has been “dedicated to helping our neighbors in the city through our many varied services” since 1970. The mission CARES by Connecting services and resources to those in need, Advocating for the poor to restore dignity and hope, Referring individuals to critical community-based resources, Educating clients in nutrition and health and Supplying emergency provisions and basic needs through their food pantry and thrift store.

Thirty youth and adults from our Iowa churches traveled to Missouri from June 4th to 7th to help with this ministry. Even more exciting is that a second trip is set for June 21-23, because twelve people from Finley Chapel weren’t available to travel earlier in the month.

We “want to celebrate” that these churches came together, said Jim Stiles, “to make a difference in the world.” Even though “one church was not able to do it on their own, five churches were!”

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