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Windows depict mission

February 22, 2016

Anne Lippincott, the senior pastor of St. John’s United Methodist Church in Davenport, has been reflecting on the DNA of her congregation. In sermons during January, she asked the members of the congregation, “Who are we?” and “Who are we meant to be?” lippincott-anne

The lovely stained glass windows in the church’s sanctuary have served as inspiration. One portrays the resurrection of Jesus. Another depicts the Good Shepherd. A third shows the rich man asking Jesus how to inherit eternal life.

“The mission of St. John’s,” as summarized in these three windows, “is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by being a creative, compassionate, Christian community!” She outlines the four Cs this way:

  1. We are Christ-centered. Christ is the central figure in every window.
  2. We are a community. Every window speaks of the importance of people and depicts a variety of people.
  3. We are creative. Every window is a creative expression of our being.
  4. We are compassionate. All the windows together proclaim that the journey we are on is with the Living Lord who calls us to help others.
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