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King’s Kids, New Sweden

December 3, 2014

The New Sweden United Methodist Church has expanded its children’s ministry to Facebook. During the school year the children gather at the church just northwest of Lockridge about 10 miles west of Fairfield.

King’s Kids, their website says, “welcomes all elementary and middle school youngsters.” The children can ride the bus to the church building every third Wednesday of the month following the school day. There is always some kind of Bible lesson, and supper is served at 5:30 before the kids go home by 6:00.

Occasionally, King’s Kids have a part in special events that helps the congregation connect with the families of the children. The ministry also has a strong emphasis on evangelism, because they regularly encourage the children to “bring a friend” to each sponsored activity.

Their presence on Facebook gives them opportunities to stay connected to their community. Last summer, for instance, they had pictures from their Bible school curriculum, The Incredible Race. The “turbo-charged, car racing fun” featured famous Bible “pacesetters,” including Moses, David, Jonah, Daniel, Jesus, and others. Lessons focused on biblical themes of courage, healing, obedience, and forgiveness.

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