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Centenary United Methodist Church, Morning Sun

December 18, 2013

Grandparents’ Day connects young adults and their families with long-time members of the Centenary United Methodist Church in Morning Sun. Previously, the congregation had celebrated a 90s Sunday, because so many of their members were elderly. Now they have an influx of young people that is changing the character of their worship events.

Several new families have become a regular presence. Friends have invited them. Some first attended weddings or funerals for family members. Others have experienced crises, such as house fires or hospitalizations, and the church’s care helped them connect. Although these newly active adults participate in the ministries of the congregation as constituents, many have never joined the church. Their pastor, Sue-Ellen Sherman, looks “forward to guiding them toward full membership.”

The Centenary United Methodist Church “is called to share the love of God by caring for the physical and spiritual needs of all people.” Their longstanding commitment to mission has responded to needs all around the world through the Ingathering and Imagine No Malaria, among many other ministries. The congregation’s commitment to their community, their mission statement continues, moves them to invite others “to become our brothers and sisters in Christ — a part of the family of God.”

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