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Winfield United Methodist Church

April 16, 2013

MOPS, an outreach to the Winfield community supported by the United Methodist Church, helps with costs experienced by low-income families for food, utilities, and car gas for people needing to get to medical appointments.

More than 60 families were served by their local food pantry last year, which stocks food, paper supplies, and other household necessities. When people struggle economically in a small, rural community such as Winfield, it is a blessing to receive food and assistance without having to leave town.

One of the biggest projects for MOPS is their milk ministry in the local school for children who cannot afford the cost. They also assemble Christmas baskets to feed families over the holidays, purchasing a ham or turkey to go along “with everything else they would like to make a very festive dinner.”

Children of the congregation have been reaching out to less fortunate kids, because they have seen the MOPS program help their friends. The students also help with food drives to keep the ministry going.

The MOPS ministry received one of the Southeast District Matthew 25 grants this year, funds that are generated by apportionment gifts from local United Methodist churches all across the state of Iowa.

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