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What Cheer United Methodist Church

April 1, 2013

Although located in a town of less than 650 people, the What Cheer United Methodist Church has a vibrant presence in the community.

Small group ministries provide one of the best ways for people to connect with God through the church. Their youth group is very active, for example, and a new Sunday school class for adults was formed in the last two years.

Worship is also an important ministry for the congegation. They sing a blend of contemporary Christian songs and traditional hymns each Sunday. Laity provide leadership regularly, and students in the confirmation program are involved in the church. They even take their worship to the senior center to share communion.

Community outreach is yet another strength. The church offers a Sunday night community supper, which provides a free hot meal and a gathering place for the community. They also provide families with a “no red tape” place to get assistance with food needs. On occasion, their building serves as a location for events, such as 4-H club meetings and a junior high play.

The congregation supports mission giving through both apportionments and other special projects. In addition, they received five people into membership by profession of faith in 2011.

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