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The United Methodist Church of Washington

March 19, 2013

The United Methodist Church of Washington is organizing for its ministry of giving. The congregation has had a long-standing commitment to mission. Their pastor, Jim Stiles, has been inviting church leaders to be intentional about their giving practices. He has organized three teaching sessions to this end.

The first focuses on Southeast District Askings, which support six mission initiatives of shared ministries: Mobile United Methodist Missionaries (MUMMS), the Latino Task Force, Justice for Our Neighbors, San Pablo United Methodist Church, Iowa Wesleyan College, and Emerging Ministries. Session One also reviews the special offerings that support mission projects of the United Methodist Church worldwide as well as the Iowa Annual Conference, including a summary of the Rainbow Covenent.

The second teaching session invites the local leaders to discuss where they will be designating their giving this year. They respond to three guiding questions: 1) Why is this ministry important? 2) What dollar amount are you asking to have contributed to this ministry? and 3) How will you underwrite this ministry through local church resources (budget, offerings, foundation, fundraising events, etc.).

Session Three explores ways the congregation could put its money to work by considering: 1) What things we have done; 2) What things we have not done; and 3) What things we hope to do. They conclude their conversation by looking at ways to tell the story of mission to the entire congregation in worship, through newsletter articles, etc. They also confirm who will be responsible for coordinating each funding ministry and dedicate their work to God.

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