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Shared Vision at Christ UMC in Davenport

September 27, 2012

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you.” (Acts 1:8a)

Power consists of two elements, energy and direction. When the passions of a congregation – the energy of its members – is aligned in a common direction, great things can happen for the cause of Christ.

In fact, that’s precisely what happened at Christ United Methodist Church in Davenport. Some months ago on two consecutive Sundays they surveyed the congregation. The first week they asked people where they were volunteering their time beyond the church. The second week they asked where people were giving donations.

“Our giving was all over the place,” reported their pastor Mike Janes, “but our volunteering was crystal clear.” Several members were volunteering in the schools, helping disadvantaged children learn to read, among other things.

So Christ Church began to embrace children and poverty as their focus of ministry. Their website,, features a shared vision of “Connecting Kids to God and Others: Our goal is to connect children to God by helping them to experience God’s love, first through faith in Jesus our Savior, and through our weekly ministry during services.”

As new ideas for outreach are considered, they are seen through the lens of children and poverty. If it’s a match, wonderful. If not, leaders develop ways the ministry can relate to their vision for ministry in the community.

Now the congregation has several local ministries related to children and poverty as well as a developing relationship in Haiti where they have sent work teams to rebuild schools after the earthquake in 2010.

Their experience is a powerful example of the promises of God as we read in scripture. What does God have in store for your congregation?

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